• Don Alejandro
  • April 9, 2019

Hangarin ng bawat indibidwal na magkaroon ng sariling bahay kung saan natin itataguyod ang isang masayang pamilya na punong-puno ng pagmamahalan. Buti nalang at nandyan ang APEC Homes na nagbibigay ng oportunidad sa bawat masisipag na Pilipino na makamit ang hangarin na ito.

Kasabay ng pagkakaroon ng sariling bahay ay pagpapanatili na ito ay secured at ligtas sa mapansamantalang mga tao. Ito ang mga Home Security Tips mula mismo sa Philippine National Police:

  1. Ensure all doors and windows have locks in working condition. Keep only that is used to enter the house open, all other entry points to your household should be securely locked to prevent unnoticed entry into your home.
  2. Make it a habit to check that all doors and windows are locked at night before going to sleep. The dark of night is a most ready camouflage for robbers and other criminals.
  3. Outside your home: Prune lower tree limbs – don’t provide the thief with a natural ladder into second floor windows. Keep the view to your house open – criminals love to hide behind tall fences or overgrown bushes while breaking into your home.
  4. Keeps porches, yards, and all entrances to your house and garage well lighted. Leave lights on inside your house when you go out for the evening.
  5. Keep a record of the important information (especially make, model number, serial number) of all household facilities and equipment, such as TV, radio, video cassette recorder, refrigerator, VCR, washing machine. Have an inventory of your jewelry and other precious items and documents like birth, baptismal and marriage certificates.
  6. Store cash and other valuable in the bank. Hiding them inside locked drawers does not guarantee that they will be safe from the knowing eyes and practiced moves of robbers.
  7. Bring in all outdoor equipment (bicycles, garden hose, mower, etc.) at night. Leaving these valuables out in the garden or street is an open invitation to robbers and thieves.
  8. Protect your house from prying eyes by using curtains or drapes.
  9. Provide family members with their own keys to the house. This is safer than leaving the key in a “secret” place, one that can be discovered by any person who takes the time to watch your movements when you leave your home and come back at night.
  10. If you and your family are going on a vacation, ask a neighbor to watch your home, or ask a relative to stay in your home while you are away. An empty house is a prime target for criminal elements.

Ating tandaan na ang seguridad ng ating bahay ay nakasalalay sa kung gaano din natin pinapahalagahan ang ating mga sarili at mahal sa buhay. Walang mawawala kung tayo ay mag iingat dahil ang resulta naman nito ay isang payapang pamumuhay.