Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions for Online Payment of Client / Buyer

These terms and conditions are subject to the provisions of the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. By accessing this website/portal, and using or inputting any data, as contemplated or defined in the said Act, you hereby give express consent to the use, storage, access, disclosure, or deletion of any data received by the owner of this website/portal, as well as any third party service provider delegated to process such data recorded in this website/portal; including service providers tasked to handle, maintain, or support any existing system included in or connected with this website/portal. Data as understood in these terms, shall refer to ‘personal information’ and ‘sensitive personal information’ as defined under the Data Privacy Act of 2012. You, as the data subject, shall be solely responsible for safeguarding and keeping in confidence and secret any verification code received by you through our payment system. Your input or utilization of our generated verification code on any form, registration, or confirmation page, section, or field in this website/portal, shall be deemed as your voluntary consent and instruction to process or effect any payment, and abide by the terms and conditions attending such agreement or terms.

Any information or data you provide will be processed by our company in connection with your application for any desired unit/property, as well as to verify your identity and all personal information you have disclosed. You have a right to access, correct, or erase any information you have provided in any data field before and after your submission of the same. However, any revision of data may likewise alter any previously approved application you might have received.You are entitled to have any data we have collected from you to be deleted provided that there is no pending financial obligation on your part to our company, and a formal written request is made to our company expressly requesting such deletion. The contact link for this purpose is (

Your reservation of any unit will cause its listing to be removed from our available units category upon your confirmation of your application. However, such reservation will only be valid for (_7_) days after confirmation, and may be subject to forfeiture should you fail to complete the required physical interview. It is important to note that your physical interview is necessary, wherein you must bring all required documents requested from you, as well as your physical affixing of signature on our official forms. Non-completion of the physical interview within the given period results in the forfeiture of your reservation as well as any deposits or reservation fees you have made, to serve as liquidated damages to the company for causing the temporary delisting of the subject unit which would normally have been available for viewing and purchase by other prospective buyers.

Terms and Conditions for Agents, Brokers, or Authorized Representatives

All agents, brokers, or authorized representatives given access to this portal, website, or system, or otherwise granted access or authority to collect, process, or disclose Personal Data as defined under the said Act, shall exercise the highest degree of diligence, care, and confidentiality in the handling or processing thereof.Online Payment may be assisted or facilitated by an agent, broker, or authorized representative, however, the verification and confirmation of any payment, charges, or any other action which may require consent of the client/buyer must be personally performed by said client/buyer. Verification codes shall strictly be sent only to the client’s/buyer’s mobile number, handheld electronic device, or personal e-mail address. At no point in time may the agent, broker, or authorized representative of the company offer to receive, convey, mediate, input, or handle the verification code which is intended solely for the client/buyer.

The accumulated commission of a salesperson/team leader/broker per client/buyer shall be released accordingly based in the policies/guidelines being implemented by the company.

Your access to this portal as an accredited agent/broker shall be valid for a limited period, and renewable every year after clearance by the company. However, your access may be revoked even prior to the expiration of any given period if the company has any reason to believe you have breached any term or confidentiality protocols embodied in these conditions.

You hereby undertake in perpetuity to keep entirely confidential and to withhold from any party any information or detail pertaining to this portal, our units, or information or data pertaining to any client/buyer, whether contracted or prospective, as well as terms hereof, which you may have had access to or acquired in the course of your relationship with our company.